Deltani Force Trilogy

EPISODE 1: The Khalee Mystery

Image by PhotoVision from Pixabay

LOGLINE:  An intrepid young woman with special powers and her family in futuristic America and Africa attempt to discover the truth about what happened to one of their own while trying to avert a disastrous civil war with an alien mystery at its center.

WGA Registration Number: 2002975

EPISODE 2: The Curse of the Bluestone

Image by Frances Presley Rice - BSMTV

LOGLINE:  A daring young woman with special powers fights to prevent a power-mad technocrat from stealing alien technology destined to help black youth get off the streets and into the tech sector.

WGA Registration Number: 1964932


EPISODE 3: Return to Planet Khalee

Image by Thomas Budach from  Pixabay

LOGLINE: An adventurous young woman with special powers battles aliens seeking to fuel a disabled spaceship with human energy in a quest to return to their home planet.

WGA Registration Number: 2004247